Ep 19: Armadillo Justice!
BewilderBeastsJanuary 13, 2021x
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Ep 19: Armadillo Justice!

Ep 19: Armadillo Justice!

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Melissa dives deep on how horseshoe  crabs are saving us from COVID19 (this was recorded before the vaccines started rolling out),  platypuses are WAY weirder than imagined, and a case of armadillo justice! 

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Let’ go! 

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Melissa McCue-McGrath, CPDT-KA, is a professional dog trainer outside of Boston, MA, and author of the book, "Considerations for the City Dog". She has a dog training channel on YouTube that has free classes and lessons for anyone who is interested in positive reinforcement dog training. More about Melissa can be found at MelissaMcCueMcGrath.com

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