Ep 68: Who Watches The Watchmen?
BewilderBeasts!May 02, 2022x
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Ep 68: Who Watches The Watchmen?

When violent militarized police attack school children protesting for the right to education in Chile, hundreds of homeless street dogs stand in the way. This story focuses on two of the hundreds of Chilean protesting dogs: the infamous Negro Matapacos (Bebe), whose likeness pops up wherever social injustice involving police brutality and injustice to kids around the world exists, and El Vaquita, the dog who needed a fake protest to see the vet. 




DuoLingo has a GREAT podcast where I was able to get ½ of Maria’s story first hand, about how she met and loved Bebe through his life. https://www.listennotes.com/podcasts/duolingo-spanish/el-perro-que-protest%C3%B3-the-mjTYP_xl103



@midnucas on Twitter : https://twitter.com/midnucas/status/1213619610743758848 (the tweet where El Vaquita, "Little Cow" or "Cowie the dog"needed a fake protest to get him to veterinarian's for care.

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