Season: 1

BewilderBeastsApril 12, 2021x
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Ep 32: The Dolphin of Dingle Bay

The steer who would not be slaughtered, Fungie the Dingle Dolphin, and a town goes dark to save baby robins.

BewilderBeastsApril 08, 2021x
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BONUS: The Cow Who Gave Us Libraries

A shortie! What does America's most famous cow have to do with public library systems? .

BewilderBeastsApril 05, 2021x
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Ep 31: Bears, Bees, Battlestar Galactica

Bears put breaking and entering skills to good use, action hero scientists save the Lear's Macaw from killer bees, and a walrus wakes up in an unexpected country.

BewilderBeastsMarch 29, 2021x
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Bears, Bees, Battlestar Galactica

Bears put breaking and entering skills to good use, action hero scientists save the Lear's Macaw from killer bees, and a walrus wakes up in an unexpected country.

BewilderBeastsMarch 29, 2021x
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Ep 30: A Crow Left of the Attempted Murder

A crow tampers with a crime scene - TWICE; Nikola Tesla fell in love with a pigeon, and Reddit asks if you are liable if your murder of crows commits crow murder.

BewilderBeastsMarch 22, 2021x
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Ep 29: The Harbormaster

Some slugs self-decapitate and grow new bodies; the heartwarming story of Andre the Seal, and alligators have an interesting strategy to stay alive in frozen water

BewilderBeastsMarch 15, 2021x
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Ep 28: The Flying Turtle Who Killed A Guy

Naked mole rats need CO2 to prevent seizures, horses hate kings named loius, and a turtle killed the father of Greek tragedy.

BewilderBeastsMarch 10, 2021x
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BONUS: Balto, Togo and the Great Race For Mercy

The Iditarod started this week, so we revisit the 150 dogs and 20 men who saved the town of Nome, Alaska in 1925.

BewilderBeastsMarch 08, 2021x
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Ep 27: Living His Best Afterlife

Today's topics include: Sea Cucumbers magic superpower not MCU approved, a bear who lived his best life is linked to Buddy Holly, and a flock of holy geese saved Rome.

BewilderBeastsMarch 01, 2021x
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Ep 26: The Rebellious Runaway Reenacting Rooster

A civil war reenactment roster flew the coop, a dog inherits 5 million dollars, pigs play video games for science

BewilderBeastsFebruary 22, 2021x
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Ep 25: The CIA's Failed Spy Cats

The CIA tried to turn a cat into a spy, cat islands around the world, and some cats are allergic to humans

BewilderBeastsFebruary 14, 2021x
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Ep 24: Emily Spinach

Explore feminism via Alice Roosevelt and her pet snake, Emily Spinach; pandas love rolling in horse poop; Melbourne's wild taxidermy museum says a final farewell,

BewilderBeastsFebruary 08, 2021x
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Ep 23: Dwarf Giraffes and Two Danny DeVitos

Dwarf giraffes, Beave the abandoned baby beaver, honeybees are using both tools and twerking to kill giant murderous hornets

BewilderBeastsFebruary 01, 2021x
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Ep 22: The Skydiving Beavers of 1948

A lizard has the #1 record for largest #2; the skydiving beavers of 1948 teaches kids about white colonization and urban sprawl; the monkey who killed a sitting king.

BewilderBeastsJanuary 27, 2021x
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Ep 21: Fish Fart Diplomacy

Sweden nearly goes to war over fish farts, octopus are the coolest creatures on the planet, and why we use a rodent to predict the weather

BewilderBeastsJanuary 20, 2021x
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Ep 20: Quoth the Raven, "Baltimore!"

Meet LiLou, the worlds first airport therapy pig, the raven who creeped out Edgar Allan Poe, and a headless chicken lives for 18 months.

BewilderBeastsJanuary 13, 2021x
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Ep 19: Armadillo Justice!

This week, we look at how horseshoe crabs are saving us from COVID19, platypuses glow in the dark, and an armadillo fires back against animal cruelty.

BewilderBeastsJanuary 06, 2021x
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Ep 18: Side Effects Of Toad Licking

Melissa tells you why you shouldn't lick toads, historic towns with animal ties, and New Zealand calls fowl on voter fraud.

BewilderBeastsDecember 22, 2020x
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Ep 17: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas: BewilderBeasts REMIX

Melissa reviews all the creatures we talked about in a not-so-classic retelling of Clement Clarke Moore's, "''Twas the Night Before Christmas"

BewilderBeastsDecember 16, 2020x
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Ep 16: OK, Boomer

Today, Melissa dives in to explore other customs, like the "Boomers" who pull Santa's sled in Australia; how a video game about animals has given a place for practicing Muslims to find community in a pandemic, and what a confused Rooster has to do with Christmas in the Philippines.

BewilderBeastsDecember 09, 2020x
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Ep 15: Christmas Carol Creatures

Yes, red-nosed reindeer exist in the wild, and all those birds in the 12 Days of Christmas would be very, very, very expensive presents.