Season: 2

BewilderBeastsSeptember 13, 2021x
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Ep 42: What the Pluck?

A truck of hens heading to a slaughterhouse turns over on a California Highway, leading to the funniest trilogy in chicken-cinema. .......Resources: on the California Freeway Chickens: Terry Pratchett's book of short stories, "A Blink of the Screen" LA TimesWikipediaSnopesJessica TandyDeseret News Intro Music is “Tiptoe out the back” by...

BewilderBeastsSeptember 06, 2021x
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Ep 41: Diamond Smuggling Pigeons

There is a place called the Diamond Coast where humanity clings to a thread, and pigeons are angels and lifelines. Let's go.Resources: Flight of the Diamond Smugglers by Matthew Gavin FrankJust the Zoo of Us - Pigeons / Varmints - Pigeons / Strange Animals Podcast - PigeonsAdam Ruins Everything (Diamonds)