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Melissa is pretty accessible and wants to hear from you! Several segments have come from listeners - flying beavers, deadhorse beach, cane toads, and more have all come from listeners like you! So, how do you tell Melissa about these things? EASY! Simply follow any of the social links on the homepage, or go here directly:

Email: BewilderBeastsPod {@} gmail {dot} com - this is a perfect way to submit art, stories, resources, and more that you think should be covered in the longer segments of BewilderBeasts!

Tweet: @BewilderedPod  - perfefct for headlines, snippets, "Did you see this!" etc. 

Facebook: - is perfect for kiddos and those who don't wish to type on a phone keyboard can use voice-text to send messages up to 1 minute long! Tell me about your favorite historical animals, wacky animals in the news, animals who are helping scientists or animal facts. Just go into the messenger function, hold down the microphone, and start talking!


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