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One way to support the show and Melissa is to tell a friend, a family member, a colleague, an animal nerd about this show. Tweet about it, share it, zoom about it, whatever you like! This truly is the best way to support BewilderBeasts. 

Plus, there is a reason every podcaster, author, illustrator, content creator says to rate, review, like, and subscribe - it truly helps get the word out. We wouldn't say it if it weren't true! It helps places like iTunes and Spotify see the little podcasts like this and give it an occasional bump, and those little bumps make great waves for small productions like this! 

Tell Educators!

You can also tell the teachers in your life about how this might tie into some history, science, and social studies lessons the teachers are planning - Melissa will zoom in to any classroom for any age and talk nerdy about these subjects for free to teachers. They are the heroes of this pandemic and anything she can do to help, she will.  If they prefer just to have Melissa give talks on how dogs noses work or animal sports, she'll discuss those things, too! Contact Melissa via any of the social options in the header and she'll happily do something to help the teacher or kids in your life. 


If you want to do more, Melissa will gladly accept donations for coffee, web hosting fees, the occasional technical purchase, to keep this podcast going for as long as it's fun for everyone involved. She'll also take any donations for dog treats to keep her bewildered beast, Captain, quiet during recording. She isn't working the same way she is used to during the COVID pandemic, so every little bit does help and goes back to support the show.

Buy Melissa's Book!

In 2015, Melissa wrote a book, Considerations for the City Dog.  Check it out! More about Melissa and her real job training dogs, presenting to schools, science museums, animal organizations, and more: visit