Season 6

February 26, 2024x
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Ep 99: Rises and Falls

'We can never have luck without a cat on board' he said. If this were true, the crew would have been better off with a different cat. "...

February 19, 2024x
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Ep 98: Buzzzzzzz

Bees make one last appearance on the show, this time getting hammered on college campuses to help scientists understand the neural pathways of human ...

February 05, 2024x
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Ep 97: Shockoe

Some dogs work to close decades-old cold cases. Others are tasked with finding long-lost burial grounds, shining a light on America's racist fou...

January 29, 2024x
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Ep 96: The Maine 6

This week we look at Maine's 6 dogs who might just end up on the front lines to save nearly every industry that gives Maine the name, "Vaca...

January 22, 2024x
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Ep 95: Zombieland

Starting season 6 off with mind control parasites often found in kitty litter boxes around the world - so how is this parasite endangering monk seals...