with: Melissa McCue-McGrath

Join Melissa as she dives deep into the weirdest, funniest, sciency-est ways in which animals intersect at humanity. How is a horse responsible for the FDA? How did fish farts nearly cause bombs to fly between Russia and Sweden? How did a pigeon save 194 soldiers in wartime? Why are honey bees trained to find unexploded landmines in Croatia? Let's find out on BewilderBeasts - where animals intersect at humanity!

April 15, 2024x
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Bonus: Gettysburg

First aired June 22, 2023:  Two sisters combined their love of historically accurate dioramas, the Civil War, and clay-making to pen an ode to the US...

April 08, 2024x
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Bonus: The Dogs Who Mapped Australia

First aired July 2023:  In 1912 when the "adventurer" was a job description & also an alibi, two brothers took their dogs on a road tri...

March 31, 2024x
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Bonus: Pika Who?

This Patreon Exclusive episode (#2) first aired on August 4, 2021.  This is a fun turn I never saw coming, that Pikachu is based on a squirrel and th...

March 31, 2024x
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Bonus: Oh, Evolution

The very first Patreon Exclusive episode was ....super short. It first aired on July 22, 2021. I wasn't sure if it would play or work at all. Bu...

March 24, 2024x
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Bonus: Daddy Shortlegs

Patreon exclusive #6: First aired Dec 7 2021 Geneticists made Daddy Shortlegs. (WHY GOD, WHY?)  We imagine the Jane Fonda workout with 50' human...

March 17, 2024x
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Bonus: Ukraine's Little Bullet

This Patreon Exclusive Episode first aired May 16, 2022 Patron started his life in entertainment by illustrating how dogs can be trained for search w...

March 10, 2024x
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BONUS: Luck o' the Irish Setter

Patreon exclusive number 9: Originally aired March 16, 2022 Let's learn about the only place in Ireland where citizens could get a pint on St. P...

March 04, 2024x
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Ep 100: The Center

We close out the series by discussing the humans who dedicate their lives as the bridge between wildlife and education, and a left-hand turn into the...

February 26, 2024x
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Ep 99: Rises and Falls

'We can never have luck without a cat on board' he said. If this were true, the crew would have been better off with a different cat. "...

February 19, 2024x
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Ep 98: Buzzzzzzz

Bees make one last appearance on the show, this time getting hammered on college campuses to help scientists understand the neural pathways of human ...

February 05, 2024x
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Ep 97: Shockoe

Some dogs work to close decades-old cold cases. Others are tasked with finding long-lost burial grounds, shining a light on America's racist fou...

January 29, 2024x
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Ep 96: The Maine 6

This week we look at Maine's 6 dogs who might just end up on the front lines to save nearly every industry that gives Maine the name, "Vaca...

January 22, 2024x
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Ep 95: Zombieland

Starting season 6 off with mind control parasites often found in kitty litter boxes around the world - so how is this parasite endangering monk seals...

April 24, 2023x
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Ep 94: Rock Baby and Baby Jail

In this season finale, we'll catch up with the world's best dad - a 31-year-old bald eagle who wanted to be a dad. I got information from: ...

April 17, 2023x
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Ep 93: Tiger Things

The history of Mike the LSU tiger, the dark reality of meeting tiger cubs, and a new law puts dumb criminals and America's worst behind bars.  I...

April 10, 202300:25:0417.26 MB

Ep 92: A Wink to the Sky

A farewell to a good friend, and a revisit to the Dolphin who gave up pod life for the people of a small Irish fishing village in Ireland. All show n...

April 03, 202300:20:0613.84 MB

Ep 91: The Well Diggers of Death Valley

When we discuss an invasive species on this show, the discussion turns to the distruction by that species on the environment. But, here is an animal ...

March 27, 2023x
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Ep 90: Key Largo Zombie Possums

An unusual team of bounty hunters, biologists, possums, mosquitos, and trash pandas are finally making a dent in the Florida Everglades Python Proble...

March 20, 2023x
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Ep 89: Cat Turned Brew

What does the Black Death, scotch whiskey, cats, the worst laws in Tennesee, and bad taxidermy have to do with each other? Oh, buckle in - we're...

March 13, 2023x
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Ep 88: Goodbye, Earl!

This week, an unusual employee shows up to work at the R & R Garage and ended up changing their logo. Meanwhile, Melissa has the early 2000s coun...

March 06, 2023x
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Ep 87: Polly Wanna Murder?

New season & BIG news, plus a quartet of parrots at criminality! Let's DO this thing! Thank you PodFix Network :) ******* I got information ...

December 19, 2022x
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Ep 86: Unicorns, Rainbows and Funeral Turkey Feathers

Episode updates; turkey feathers were a huge part of your childhood; unicorns are real in LA; a revisit of the nightMARE before Christmas.  Support t...

December 13, 2022x
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Ep 85: Because, Alaska.

In 75 miles of winding roads in Alaska, Trooper Shanigan's GPS froze up, leaving him lost en route to a fire in his own neighborhood. He'd ...

December 06, 2022x
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Ep 84: SQUAWK! We'll Do It LIVE!

This week's episode is a dry run of the live show that will take place at the Kennebunk Free Library on Dec. 6th at 6:30 pm. As this is an audio...

November 28, 2022x
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Ep 83: Five Deer (DeerDucken remix)

A relisten to everything we got wrong about the first Thanksgiving celebration, including the animals on the table. Deerducken, anyone? Resources for...

November 22, 2022x
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Ep 82: Going To The Dogs

The National Dog Show is a staple in many homes for the pre-Thanksgiving event - so Melissa (and special guest Paul Csomo from Avast) discuss all the...

November 14, 2022x
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Ep 81: Avast!

Let's meet the "Little Boatman," the "Black Devil," the "Horse Inspirerer" -----the Schipperke, with Paul Csomo of...

November 08, 2022x
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Ep 80: Camel Cam and Sheep View

A look at all the animals who make Google maps Google-possible, including a camel named Raffia and a whole lot of sheep in the Faroe Islands. Resourc...

October 31, 202200:22:4815.7 MB

Ep 79: The Kitten in the Book Drop

In 1988, a librarian opened a book drop and was surprised by what she found. Let's hear the story of Dewey Readmore Books.  Resources:  https://...

October 24, 2022x
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Ep 78: Eau d'Poo

This week, we look at how scatological scientists use fake poop to save owls and commune with rhinos. Let's GO!

October 17, 2022x
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Ep 77: The Horses Who Find The Missing

This week, we meet a 1600 pound animal who is also using their noses to find missing people, narcotics, and more. Giddyup.  Resources:  Intro Music i...

October 10, 2022x
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Ep 76: Leavin' on a Jet Plane

As promised, another series of animal escapes - this time, airport edition, plus why cats love boxes so dang much, the most dangerous job at the Sing...