with: Melissa McCue-McGrath

Join Melissa as she dives deep into the weirdest, funniest, sciency-est ways in which animals intersect at humanity. How is a horse responsible for the FDA? How did fish farts nearly cause bombs to fly between Russia and Sweden? How did a pigeon save 194 soldiers in wartime? Why are honey bees trained to find unexploded landmines in Croatia? Let's find out on BewilderBeasts - where animals intersect at humanity!

December 19, 202200:33:2623 MB

Ep 86: Unicorns, Rainbows and Funeral Turkey Feathers

Episode updates; turkey feathers were a huge part of your childhood; unicorns are real in LA; a revisit of the nightMARE before Christmas.  Support t...

December 13, 202200:21:3714.89 MB

Ep 85: Because, Alaska.

In 75 miles of winding roads in Alaska, Trooper Shanigan's GPS froze up, leaving him lost en route to a fire in his own neighborhood. He'd ...

December 06, 202200:38:1626.32 MB

Ep 84: SQUAWK! We'll Do It LIVE!

This week's episode is a dry run of the live show that will take place at the Kennebunk Free Library on Dec. 6th at 6:30 pm. As this is an audio...

November 28, 2022x
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Ep 83: Five Deer (DeerDucken remix)

A relisten to everything we got wrong about the first Thanksgiving celebration, including the animals on the table. Deerducken, anyone? Resources for...

November 22, 2022x
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Ep 82: Going To The Dogs

The National Dog Show is a staple in many homes for the pre-Thanksgiving event - so Melissa (and special guest Paul Csomo from Avast) discuss all the...

November 14, 2022x
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Ep 81: Avast!

Let's meet the "Little Boatman," the "Black Devil," the "Horse Inspirerer" -----the Schipperke, with Paul Csomo of...

November 08, 2022x
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Ep 80: Camel Cam and Sheep View

A look at all the animals who make Google maps Google-possible, including a camel named Raffia and a whole lot of sheep in the Faroe Islands. Resourc...

October 31, 202200:22:4815.7 MB

Ep 79: The Kitten in the Book Drop

In 1988, a librarian opened a book drop and was surprised by what she found. Let's hear the story of Dewey Readmore Books.  Resources:  https://...

October 24, 2022x
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Ep 78: Eau d'Poo

This week, we look at how scatological scientists use fake poop to save owls and commune with rhinos. Let's GO!

October 17, 2022x
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Ep 77: The Horses Who Find The Missing

This week, we meet a 1600 pound animal who is also using their noses to find missing people, narcotics, and more. Giddyup.  Resources:  Intro Music i...

October 10, 2022x
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Ep 76: Leavin' on a Jet Plane

As promised, another series of animal escapes - this time, airport edition, plus why cats love boxes so dang much, the most dangerous job at the Sing...

October 03, 2022x
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Ep 75: Sharkboy

After a pod of dolphins saved Todd Endris from a Great White Shark, Todd went on to advocate for the sharks who nearly killed him. Resources: Daisy t...

September 27, 202200:42:3529.29 MB

Ep 74: Dartmoor

A matriarch looking for enough room for the entire family to call home buys a dilapidated zoo in England. It took 4 days before the Jaguar escaped. T...

September 18, 202200:21:2914.8 MB

Sick Bay: What The Pluck?

Melissa is sick, so let's go back in the way back machine to when this show was a recording in a closet under the stairs. Throwback to Episode 4...

September 13, 2022x
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Ep 73: The Unkindness

The many kinds of unkindnesses at the Tower of London, including murders, treason, and some rambunctious ravens who have a big prophecy on their wing...

September 05, 2022x
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Ep 72: Whoa, Uglies!

The Ugly Animal Preservation Society, the world's funniest biologist Simon Watt, and a Blobfish walk into a bar; Melissa is grossed out by sound...

August 16, 202200:15:2310.6 MB

BONUS: Slaughterhouse Punk Rock Goat (Patreon Exclusive)

Let's dive into this episode pulled from the Patreon feed about a grindcore goat named Biquette. Rock on! For more episodes (and episode informa...

July 26, 2022x
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BONUS (Patreon Exclusive!): Hungry, Hungry Hippos

A bonus episode pulled from Patreon to keep you company this summer. Learn all about how Pablo Escobar's bad choices led to the largest invasive...

May 30, 2022x
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Ep 71: It's Witch-ah-Tah

Season 3 Finale:  Three headlines from around the US: A javelina commits light B&E and steals a motor vehicle over Cheetos; a fugitive flamingo f...

May 23, 2022x
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Ep 70: Betting on the Ponies

This week a look at the less-greats in horse racing, including a horse named after a fruit, a horse named after a tuber, and an announcer has to call...

May 16, 202200:29:4120.43 MB

Time Traveler (Ep 24)- Go Ask Alice

A personal note from Melissa re: Roe v. Wade and a throwback episode about feminism by way of First Daughter, Alice Roosevelt's pet garder snake...

May 09, 2022x
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Ep 69: Shave and a Haircut

One sheep in Australia goes on the "lamb" and comes back from his "ram"springa needing a haircut of epic proportions.  Please vis...

May 02, 2022x
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Ep 68: Who Watches The Watchmen?

When violent militarized police attack school children protesting for the right to education in Chile, hundreds of homeless street dogs stand in the ...

April 25, 2022x
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Ep 67: Doom Bloom

An invasive little bugger is murdering trees & plants in mid-Atlantic states by sucking them dry, then uses poisonous poop to finish the job. One...

April 17, 2022x
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Ep 66: Knights in Shining Flannel

The time LL Bean teamed up with a taxidermist and a woman from New Sweden, Maine, to make an unbelievably rare event come back to life for the masses...

April 11, 2022x
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Ep 65:The Queen's Cat and The Pig War

Three shorter stories that couldn't quite make an entire episode on their own: A cat on the Queen's payroll in the UK and a pig who started...

April 04, 2022x
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Ep 64: Ciga-crows

Starting Season 3 : Swedish crows trained to pick up cigarettes in exchange for actual peanuts- it's proposed to save towns over 75% of the mone...

April 01, 2022x
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April Fools-A-Roo! (The Yankee Vs Ostrich with Nick Charlie Key)

April Fool's Day is in full swing on this episode of not-exactly BewilderBeasts! Let's learn about a bit about by way of a New York Yankee&...

March 28, 202200:21:0914.57 MB

Time traveler (episode 18): Don't Do Toads, Kids!

In this fan favorite, we revisit Melissa's failed foray into pharmaceutical advertising.  All resources for this replay can be found in the show...

March 20, 202200:28:4519.79 MB

Time traveler (ep 33): Napoleon's WHAT was stolen?!?

Missing historical appendages? Fierce women who get it done? Big goofy hero dogs? Quirky facts and serious history? It's all here. If there is o...

March 13, 202200:24:5817.19 MB

Time traveler (ep 26): "Oh, He's The Dead Guy"

When Melissa's asked which story sticks with her the most, it's the one of the Border Collie who unmasked the terrible racists in Tennessee...

March 06, 202200:14:209.89 MB

Time traveler (episode 8): POLL!

In this fan favorite, we meet Poll - President Andrew Jackson's swearing parrot,-who makes frequent cameos through the episodes of Bewilderbeast...