with: Melissa McCue-McGrath

Join Melissa every Monday as she dives deep into the weirdest, funniest, sciency-est ways in which animals intersect at humanity. Let's meet the Canadian cat who solved a murder and advanced forensic technology. How did fish farts nearly cause bombs to fly between Russia and Sweden? How did a pigeon save 194 soldiers in wartime? Why are honey bees trained to find unexploded landmines in Croatia? Let's go!

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Ep 48: The Story Of Room 8

Today, there is a sign that says no pets allowed on the fence surrounding Elysian Heights Elementary - but the very foundation of this school's culture is built on the spirit of a cat named Room 8 who went to school every single day for 16 years. Let's learn about the most famous cat in the US that you likely never heard of because the Intern...

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Ep 47: The Sheep in The Clouds

In 1783 a duck, a rooster and a sheep named Montauciel were heading straight for the sky. How does their unlikely story change lead to three Billionaires ending up in space over 200 years later? **********

October 11, 2021x
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Ep 46: Housetraining Heiffers

Why scientists are looking to potty train 1 billion cows to combat a growing acid rain crisis. **************Resources on The Moo Loo:USGS.govThe GuardianChick a Pig board gameNPRBeef Market CentralAnd if you want to watch a cow open a door, go pee - a LOT of pee, then get a treat, you can go to - the Telegraph has a great short video on th...

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Ep 45: Bone-y and Clyde

A Smithsonian Museum exhibit depicting the skeletal remains of Dr. Grover Krantz and his beloved Irish wolfhound, Clyde. But, who was Dr. Krantz, and why is he - and his dogs - at the Smithsonian? And, why is this photo of their posthumous posed parts circulating social media?  Resources:

September 27, 2021x
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Ep 44: LSDscapades and Debleated Goats

As there is talk of suicide and class one narcotics, listener discretion is advised. How magicians, debleated goats, LSD, a maybe murder, and a CIA holiday party are tied into the misinformation effect. Resources:Jon Ronson: "The Men Who Stared at Goats"

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Ep 43: Mouthful of Mike

This week is all about Michael Packard, a man who went out to catch lobster but instead got an inside view of a humpback whale. .......Resources and references on Michael Packard and the whale The Cape Cod Times article by Doug Frasier dated June 11, 2021, “I was completely inside” Fisheries.noaa.govDumb People Town - episode dated July 23, 2021, "...

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Ep 42: What the Pluck?

A truck of hens heading to a slaughterhouse turns over on a California Highway, leading to the funniest trilogy in chicken-cinema. .......Resources: on the California Freeway Chickens: Terry Pratchett's book of short stories, "A Blink of the Screen" LA TimesWikipediaSnopesJessica TandyDeseret News Intro Music is “Tiptoe out the back” by...

September 06, 2021x
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Ep 41: Diamond Smuggling Pigeons

There is a place called the Diamond Coast where humanity clings to a thread, and pigeons are angels and lifelines. Let's go.Resources: Flight of the Diamond Smugglers by Matthew Gavin FrankJust the Zoo of Us - Pigeons / Varmints - Pigeons / Strange Animals Podcast - PigeonsAdam Ruins Everything (Diamonds)

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Episode 40: Update & Curses

Today, a quick update and a revisit of episode 8: the naughty bird who got evicted from a President's funeral for swearing, some birds who were separated for turning the zoo into an R rated experience for school kids, and some birds who use fire to catch prey, much to the dismay of firefighters. This episode is also playing this week over at Melis...

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Bonus: Edgar Allan, Oh NO!

Updates on the wanderlust walrus who is now sinking boats in Spain, a bomb sniffing rat retires, and a revisit of the raven who inspired two old-timey authors, Charles Dickens & Edgar Allan Poe.  Resources: Magawa the land mine sniffing rat (original resources found on Episode 10) NPR:

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Ep 39: Intersections of Animals at Humanity

A father's devotion to his daughter is saving the monarch butterfly; condors go all Spinal Tap on a woman's home; Melissa gets real with how local and state government officials in Massachusetts can get inspiration from wildlife overpasses before another Somerville resident is killed in a crosswalk in her city.*****Resources: Butterfly Connec...

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Ep 38: Sniffin' With What His Mama Gave Him

Melissa presents three happy stories about animals and humans - Yoriko the fish makes an unusual friend at an underwater shrine; a service dog flunk out becomes the first arson detection dog in Saginaw, TX; how scientists are using googley eyes to save birds. Resources:Love is Blind:Yoriko and Hiroyuki Arakawa

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Ep 37: Little In the Middle

This week all about dogs and sight! We have a greyhound who gets corrective lenses, the first seeing eye dogs, and a guardian livestock dog gets an unusual flock to tend.*****Melissa can be found at and BewilderedPod on Twitter, BewilderbeastsPod on Facebook, Bewilderbeasts on Instagram and email Dr. ...

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BONUS: Got Vaccines?

On this shortie, Melissa got vaccinated and wanted to revisit the horseshoe crabs who made our vaccines --- and nearly every medical instrument and medication --- possible. Thanks, horseshoe crabs!*****Big thanks to and Joshua Empyre for additional music for this week's episode. For all other information regarding this shortie, inclu...

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Ep 36: Banning The Toxic Lipstick Aisle

Melissa talks about some animals who could easily end up in a police lineup, a horse to thank every time Romaine lettuce is recalled, and cat butt science. *****Fingerprint Folly: Independent Scientist https://w...

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Ep 35: The Army That Lost To Emus

An animal control investigator gets a delicious surprise; emus beat the Australian Army, and we finally have a spi...spi….a story about my phobia that we had to include, so if you hear a thud, it’s just me passing out from fear.****** The Mysterious Tree Creature

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Ep 34: Bring Out Your Dead!

Today's episode covers three stories of how animals intersect with human death or death prevention, including forensic entomology (the use of bugs to solve crime), a dog who stayed at his owners final resting space for 14 years, and how tree frogs can inspire advancements in human organ donation. Let's go!Crime solving bugs:Case files discuss...

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Ep 33: Ann Harvey, Hairy Man, and the Island Of The Dead

Today we have an all NEWFOUNDLAND DOG special! A lifeguard Newfie named Reef jumps out of helicopters for the Italian Coast Guard; a Newf named Hairy Man pulled 180 Irish Immigrants off of Wreck Rock to safety on the Isle aux Morts (literally the Island of the Dead); and one unnamed Newfie gave this podcaster the best rabbit hole about Napoleon Bonapar...

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Ep 32: The Dolphin of Dingle Bay

The a cow who escaped a slaughterhouse and went on the lam, the dolphin of Dingle Bay, the town who went dark to save a nest of baby birds. Support the show: can be found at and her book, "Considerations for the City Dog" is available for purchase! Intro Music is “Tiptoe out the back” ...

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BONUS: The Cow Who Gave Us Libraries

The story of the cow who didn't start the fire- no, she didn't light it, but she tried to fight it. Original episode and shownotes can be found: BewilderBeasts, Episode 3: Mrs. O'Leary's CowOther podcasts that cover this story: Stuff You Should KnowStuff You Missed in History ClassMore about Melissa can be found at MelissaMcCueMcGra...

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Ep 31: Bears, Bees, Battlestar Galactica

Bears in bear jail are in the quality assurance department; crossbow conservation, and a sleepy walrus gets a rude awakening Support the show: can be found at and her book, "Considerations for the City Dog" is available for purchase! Intro Music is “Tiptoe out the back” by Dan Lebowicz...