Bonus: The Dogs Who Mapped Australia
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Bonus: The Dogs Who Mapped Australia

First aired July 2023: 
In 1912 when the "adventurer" was a job description & also an alibi, two brothers took their dogs on a road trip - before roads existed.

These brothers loved their dogs and hated shirts but that didn't stop them from circumnavigating Australia several times by bike and car - often digging their own roads IN THE OUTBACK!

Resources (Hey, look, I remembered!) which includes THE photo I keep referencing (the awesome article by the Moons that I heavily quoted) (the article from CarTalk that Sip and I wrote)

Photos of Wowser (which is a name that has been on a journey), Francis and Clive are attached.

Francis digging out a car without a shirt.jpg

Clive and Wowser.jpg

The Shirtless Francis Birtles.png

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