Season 5

March 27, 2023x
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Ep 90: Key Largo Zombie Possums

An unusual team of bounty hunters, biologists, possums, mosquitos, and trash pandas are finally making a dent in the Florida Everglades Python Proble...

March 20, 2023x
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Ep 89: Cat Turned Brew

What does the Black Death, scotch whiskey, cats, the worst laws in Tennesee, and bad taxidermy have to do with each other? Oh, buckle in - we're...

March 13, 2023x
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Ep 88: Goodbye, Earl!

This week, an unusual employee shows up to work at the R & R Garage and ended up changing their logo. Meanwhile, Melissa has the early 2000s coun...

March 06, 2023x
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Ep 87: Polly Wanna Murder?

New season & BIG news, plus a quartet of parrots at criminality! Let's DO this thing! Thank you PodFix Network :) ******* I got information ...