Season 7

April 15, 2024x
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Bonus: Gettysburg

First aired June 22, 2023:  Two sisters combined their love of historically accurate dioramas, the Civil War, and clay-making to pen an ode to the US...

April 08, 2024x
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Bonus: The Dogs Who Mapped Australia

First aired July 2023:  In 1912 when the "adventurer" was a job description & also an alibi, two brothers took their dogs on a road tri...

March 31, 2024x
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Bonus: Pika Who?

This Patreon Exclusive episode (#2) first aired on August 4, 2021.  This is a fun turn I never saw coming, that Pikachu is based on a squirrel and th...

March 31, 2024x
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Bonus: Oh, Evolution

The very first Patreon Exclusive episode was ....super short. It first aired on July 22, 2021. I wasn't sure if it would play or work at all. Bu...

March 24, 2024x
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Bonus: Daddy Shortlegs

Patreon exclusive #6: First aired Dec 7 2021 Geneticists made Daddy Shortlegs. (WHY GOD, WHY?)  We imagine the Jane Fonda workout with 50' human...

March 17, 2024x
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Bonus: Ukraine's Little Bullet

This Patreon Exclusive Episode first aired May 16, 2022 Patron started his life in entertainment by illustrating how dogs can be trained for search w...

March 10, 2024x
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BONUS: Luck o' the Irish Setter

Patreon exclusive number 9: Originally aired March 16, 2022 Let's learn about the only place in Ireland where citizens could get a pint on St. P...