Ep 23: Dwarf Giraffes and Two Danny DeVitos
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Ep 23: Dwarf Giraffes and Two Danny DeVitos

Melissa talks about the cutest little toilet plunger thief, the tallest dwarfs in the animal kingdom, and how honey bees twerk murder the murder hornets while using the grossest tool to protect their hives.
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Melissa McCue-McGrath, CPDT-KA, is a professional dog trainer outside of Boston, MA, and author of the book, "Considerations for the City Dog". She has a dog training channel on YouTube that has free classes and lessons for anyone who is interested in positive reinforcement dog training. More about Melissa can be found at MelissaMcCueMcGrath.com
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Your host, Melissa McCue-McGrath is an author, dog trainer, and behavior consultant in Southern Maine. She'll talk about dogs all day if you let her. You've been warned :)