Ep 38: Sniffin' With What His Mama Gave Him
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Ep 38: Sniffin' With What His Mama Gave Him

Ep 38: Sniffin' With What His Mama Gave Him

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Melissa presents three happy stories about animals and humans - Yoriko the fish makes an unusual friend at an underwater shrine; a service dog flunk out becomes the first arson detection dog in Saginaw, TX; how scientists are using googley eyes to save birds.

Love is Blind:
Yoriko and Hiroyuki Arakawa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfwdm5W2lWs

Wikipedia Asian Sheepshead Wrasse and Yoriko
Bored Panda
Wikipedia Shinto Shrine
Trip Advisor
Mental Floss

Sheldon, the Firedog of Saginaw and the State Farm Arson Dog School
People Magazine
Firehouse Careers
Portland Oregon Gov
https://arsondog.org/ Arson Dog
https://notesfromadogwalker.com/2013/06/14/state-farm-arson-dog-program/ (Jessica Dolce)

Looming Eyes Buoy Buddies
Good News Network

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