Season 3

May 23, 2022x
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Ep 70: Betting on the Ponies

This week a look at the less-greats in horse racing, including a horse named after a fruit, a horse named after a tuber, and an announcer has to call ...

May 16, 202200:29:0119.97 MB

Time Traveler (Ep 24)- Go Ask Alice

A personal note from Melissa re: Roe v. Wade and a throwback episode about feminism by way of First Daughter, Alice Roosevelt's pet garder snake,...

May 09, 2022x
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Ep 69: Shave and a Haircut

One sheep in Australia goes on the "lamb" and comes back from his "ram"springa needing a haircut of epic proportions. Please visit...

May 02, 2022x
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Ep 68: Who Watches The Watchmen?

When violent militarized police attack school children protesting for the right to education in Chile, hundreds of homeless street dogs stand in the w...

April 25, 2022x
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Ep 67: Doom Bloom

An invasive little bugger is murdering trees & plants in mid-Atlantic states by sucking them dry, then uses poisonous poop to finish the job. One ...

April 17, 2022x
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Ep 66: Knights in Shining Flannel

The time LL Bean teamed up with a taxidermist and a woman from New Sweden, Maine, to make an unbelievably rare event come back to life for the masses....

April 11, 2022x
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Ep 65:The Queen's Cat and The Pig War

Three shorter stories that couldn't quite make an entire episode on their own: A cat on the Queen's payroll in the UK and a pig who started ...

April 04, 2022x
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Ep 64: Ciga-crows

Starting Season 3 : Swedish crows trained to pick up cigarettes in exchange for actual peanuts- it's proposed to save towns over 75% of the monet...